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Case Study – Chimney stack reduced in height, rendered with waterproof rendering and finished off with two coats of masonry paint

Ultimate Finishes - Sussex Rendering Ultimate Finishes - Chimney Rendering

Chimney Rendering, Brighton Sussex

Project details and requirements

Chimney stacks are largely redundant these days and are often neglected and fall into a state of disrepair. This can cause problems with water penetration through flashings, pointing and damaged brickwork and or failing render. Often the best option is to render the chimney stack. Rendering is a cost- effective solution to the problem.

Many chimney stacks can be reduced in height where brickwork is damage and then capped off or new chimney pots fitted to keep the appearance these pots can be fitted with vented openings to keep the airflow. The chimney pots are bedded in strong mix sand and cement with new flaunching to cover and weather whole chimney stack from the elements.

The work was carried out on an on-going worksite and consideration had to be given to other works being carried out during the time of the rendering.

Key features of this project:

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