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Case study – Providing an effective clean to the specific demands of an old building within a complex environment of an on-going worksite.

Ultimate Finishes - Kent Doff Cleaning Maidstone Doff Cleaning Kent Doff Cleaning Ultimate Finishes - Maidstone Doff Cleaning

Doff Cleaning, Maidstone Kent

Project details and requirements

The Old Maidstone Police Station and Judges House required a gentle clean which was specific to the requirements of a grade 2 listed building. This type of cleaning doesn’t involve the use of chemicals during the removal process. The system also kills spores for protection against further biological activity.

The work was carried out on an on-going worksite and consideration had to be given to other works being carried out during the time of the clean.

Further work will involve our Torc machine which will remove sulphation, brittle paints, limescale and much more. After the completion of the on-going works a final clean will be scheduled.

Key features of this project:

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